Beverage Ingredient Sources

Cognac, Scotch, Imported Grape Spirit, Imported Malt Spirit, Indian Grape, Indian Malt, French Grape Spirits, Spanish, Olosorsso, Sherry, Oak Wood, Single Grain, Single Malt

Our range of products includes



A luxurious and complex grape-based spirit that adds depth and richness to our blends.


Known for its smoky, peaty flavour profile, scotch adds a unique character to our beverage creations.

Imported Grape Spirit

Made from select grapes around the world, this spirit is a favourite among mixologists for its versatility.

Imported Malt Spirit

Aged and full of character, malt spirits add a depth of flavour and complexity to our blends.

Indian Grape & Malt

We source the highest-quality grape and malt spirits from India to add a distinctive local touch to our beverages.

French Grape Spirits

The French are known for their exceptional grape spirits, which add a refined elegance to our blends.

Single Grain & Single Malt

These premium grain and malt spirits bring depth and complexity to our blends, making them stand out in taste and flavor.

Spanish Oloroso Sherry

One of the most complex and flavourful sherry types, Oloroso adds a nutty, savoury depth to our blends.

Oak Wood Extract / Oak wood chips

Aged in oak barrels, this ingredient imparts a rich, smoky flavor and aroma to our beverages.


A versatile, agave-based spirit that adds a subtle sweetness and complexity to our beverages.

Herbal Extracts for Gin

Carefully selected herbs and botanicals add a unique flavour and aroma to our gin blends, elevating them to new heights.

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